The Government of Pakistan announced on August 20, it would take Kashmir dispute to ICJ, after india revoked special status for occupied Kashmir on 5thAugust  2019 following curfew and complete shutdown in Kashmir.

“We have decided to take Kashmir case to the International Court of Justice,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told ARY News TV.

Discretely, special assistant to Prime Minister on information Firdous Ashiq Awan confirmed that the approval had been granted by the cabinet to take Kashmir dispute with india to ICJ.

She said , international reputed panel of lawyers would be appointed to pursue this significant case on behalf of Pakistan at ICJ.

She added, Decision by ICJ would be only advisory, until both parties agreed on ruling.

on august 5, Indian government call off Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution that had given Kashmir a special status for 7 decades, knowing consequences curfew was imposed and elected leaders were put in house arrest.

By revoking Article 35A, people from other states can purchase properties and settle there permanently. Indian current government known famously as Hindu-nationalist government have planned to dilute Kashmir Muslim-majority population by Hindu settlers. Government has not take account of Indian Muslim sentiments knowing the fact it is only Indian state with Muslim majority.

On the other hand, Islamabad has decided to internationalize Kashmir dispute by utilizing every given platform. Pakistan Army spokesman has said, Army will go to “any extent” for Kashmir.

 International community should be questioned for their silence on ethnic cleansing of Muslims and there would be severe repercussions in the region.