Our mind is part of the invisible, beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience. It is the world of feelings, thoughts, belief and imagination. There are many questions that came in our mind for instance: what is a mind and how we can understand a mind in our mind properly with the help of our brain. Hah! I know it’s confusing but trust me, after reading this post, you will be able to state the difference between brain and mind.

We can consider our brain as the hardware and while mind as the software. So, output is given by the brain and mind gives us the input in the form of actions. So, we can say that the brain and mind are two different things. As we mentioned above that: the mind is the world of feelings and thoughts and etc. Well, this information is enough for us to change our mind. We just have to consider that: we are the king of our own mind and inside mind are living our feelings and other emotions and we can change our policies and we can punish the emotions by replacing them with the fresh ones. Following are some effective and applied tips that will make your mind clear and you can control it the way you want:



First, you have to understand what your mind is all about? Start by sitting in your room, closing all lights and put your hands on your forehead and think about your problems. Some people have anger issues and they want it to be vanish as it is making their relationships worst. They know it very well that: they have unnecessary anger but they do it again and again and are tired of it.

So, by doing what I mentioned above, you will have a focused and concentrated thinking that will access to the mind (as I said: brain takes information from you and put it into our mind (which is a world of feelings etc) so, if you tell brain to dismiss this feeling out of our mind then you will automatically feel the difference. But, the only stipulation for this technique to work is that you have to play along that you mind is changed. As you know everything you have in your mind is the same thing your brain processed and access into your mind.


“The brain gives the output and mind gives input in the form of actions” this line is stated above has a great impact in our life if, we comprehend it properly.

When an adverse situation comes into your life, the way we see this situation will decides its end or its extension. If our brain sees this situation ”negative” then there will be generated a negative thought that will be thrown in our mind and then it will be converted into a negative action such as: weeping, hesitation, etc. But, if our mind sees it positively then there will be generating thoughts related to the solutions of the problems not the actions that would be nothing but just a waste of time. So, by the help of changing your prospective, you can change your whole world.


Your thoughts are just thoughts and there is no negative and positive thought. As, a man who drinks a lot of alcohol can think this drinking thing is ”positive” while a gentleman thinks drinking a lot is ”negative”. So, there’s no polarity. So, thoughts are just thoughts. The main thing is that: there are good and bad things that we can identify if we have the correct prospective towards life.

Even if we got the prospective about what is good and what is bad, this is not enough; we have to learn how to control our ability to give permission to our brain to let the thought pass into the mind where we generate actions. If you learned this ability then your whole mind will be in your control.

This ability is discussed in my other post. Here’s the link:


  • Our mind is a different thing; we just can’t mix it with the brain.
  • We are 100% conscious and 100% unconscious at the same time due to our incorrect prospective.
  • We are the owner of our brain and only we can permit thoughts to be negative or positive but, if we think we aren’t the owner then, well..there’s the trouble.
  • Give yourself a decent time to think what’s wrong with your mind. And then try to generate some solutions that will undo them if there’s something unusual or a confused thought circulating inside you.